Add Your Voice

Why does federal tax law ignore the charitable giving of 100 million Americans?

Maybe it’s because 100 million Americans have never made their opinions known—and maybe it’s time to change that.

Please take a moment to speak out. Simply enter your home address to identify your Members of Congress, and then contact them via email with just a few clicks.

Tell lawmakers:

  • That you favor a universal charitable deduction for all taxpayers.
  • The names a few of the charities that you support in your community or your state.
  • Maybe mention how much more you could give if tax deductions were allowed for non-itemizers.

It’s best when you put things in your own words, but here’s some language that might help you get started:

As a taxpayer who does not itemize, I believe it’s unfair that my charitable giving is not eligible for a tax deduction. I already give to help my neighbors and my community, but I would give even more if the federal tax code provided me with the same incentive offered to big-dollar philanthropists.

The charities in my community are working harder than ever to help those being left behind. I want to do all I can to support that work, and so I ask you to support a universal charitable deduction.

After you click “send,” please use the social media buttons to help recruit your friends to join the cause. Remember: Every voice matters.

This is how democracy works. Thank you for making it work for all of us.

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