Champions Wall

Giving100 is supported by charities big and small, in thousands of communities all across America. No matter what our specific mission or population, we are united in the belief that every gift matters and that federal tax policy should encourage every American to give more generously through a universal charitable deduction.

If you are a nonprofit leader and you’d like to show your support, please click here to add your logo to the Champions Wall.

About Independent Sector

Independent Sector is a national membership organization that brings together a diverse set of nonprofits, foundations, and corporations to advance the common good. We envision a world of engaged individuals, robust institutions, and vibrant communities working together to improve lives and the natural world, and strengthen democratic societies. [Learn More]

Giving100 was created and funded by Independent Sector with input from a diverse set of stakeholders. The Giving100 campaign should not be taken as representing the view of any individual IS member organization.

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