Hear Our Stories

Hear Why It Matters?

When you give to support a local charity, you’re not just writing a check. You’re writing a story.

It might be a story of opportunity or compassion, of a better neighborhood or a brighter future. Charity changes lives, but too often we don’t know how the story ends.

Conversation and Connection

The goal of 100 Million Stories is to spark connections between donors and recipients of local charities. It’s about personalizing the act of giving — and the outcome.

By giving close to home, individual donors build community in a way that big philanthropy often does not. There is something uniquely American about this tradition of neighbors helping neighbors, and 100 Million Stories celebrates that.

Why 100 Million?

Most Americans give something to charity, but 100 million taxpayers are not allowed to deduct their charitable donations. We’re trying to change that.

We want to see the good that can happen when 100 million taxpayers are encouraged to give even more generously through a more enlightened, more equitable tax policy.

Please have a listen, then find a charity you care about, and add your own story to the collection.

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