Do I need to send you paperwork to become registered?

No. We are basing our association on trust. Read the criteria for each of the levels at the Shibumi Membership Levels webpage. You need to ensure that you can agree to all of the Shibumi Codes of Practice and Ethics and Criteria suggested by Shibumi for the level that you wish to join.

But… if we find out you haven’t been truthful we reserve the right to cancel your membership. If you’re unsure why not contact us?

I haven’t studied a Japanese form of Reiki, can I become a member?

Yes, anyone can become a lifetime Member. Our members love your support.

To upgrade and become a Registered Practitioner (RP) or Registered Practitioner and Teacher (RP&T) you would have to have studied either Shoden Level I and Okuden Level II, and/or Shinpiden level III and be able to agree to the Shibumi Codes of Practice and Ethics and Criteria.


Do you share our Vision? Then come and join Shibumi International Reiki Association.

Envisioning a world where the system of Reiki is respected, understood and utilized as a Japanese practice that was developed by Mikao Usui to promote self-healing and personal growth through spiritual discipline.

Envisioning the use of the system in family life and business life, as personal and corporate relaxation along with complete integration into a modern healthcare system. A healthcare system that is flexible and open and comprehends that well being and good health rely on wholeness. And it is wholeness that the system of Reiki helps one to develop and live.

There will always be questions to be asked and, hopefully, answered.

We’ve done our best here to answer your main questions. If you have a special question please feel free to contact Shibumi.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, you do. Everyone gets a lifetime membership certificate. You will receive it by email when you join and if you lose it you can also download the certificate from your Account.


I am a Shinpiden practitioner who teaches Animal Reiki. Can I become a member?

You sure can! As long as you teach according to our Shibumi Codes of Practice and Ethics and Criteria. An Animal Reiki teacher simply adjusts aspects of the teachings to provide a specialized course. This is fine as long as you also support and promote the Japanese art of Reiki.


I don’t charge for my treatments as they are for family and friends, do I need insurance and should I become a Registered member?

What a wonderful thing to be treating your friends and family! Lucky things!!!

We would recommend listing yourself as a Registered Practitioner, but, no, it's not a requirement. The Registered levels are there to create standards that help you as a practitioner but also help those who come to you to know that you have very high standards. So, in many ways Shibumi Registration is an excellent marketing tool for your business. 

You can change your Role to Registered in your Account.

I joined as a Member and I want to change my Role to become a Registered member. Do I need to pay anything more?

Good question. No you never have to pay another cent. As a Member you have lifetime membership and includes all Registered Roles. You can also change these Roles at any time without any problem in your Account.

I’ve signed up as a Member, how do I sign up to get Registered?

Congratulations on becoming a Member of Shibumi!

Now to become an RP or RP&T, all you need to do is head to your Account. Add your Avatar, complete your contact details, add a biography up to 250 words and, finally, under "Extra Profile Information" choose your Role. All we ask is that you comply to the relevant Shibumi Codes of Practice and Ethics and Criteria before choosing your Role as well as checking out the Terms and Privacy Policy. Please read the agreement very carefully and ensure that you comply before adding your Role. If it is found that you don’t comply your membership to Shibumi will be revoked. 

What if I forget my password or username?

Click here and enter your email address.

A new password will automatically be sent to your email address. You can then reset your password to a preferred password in your Account in your own time.

How do I receive my username and password?

When you join Shibumi you can create your own username and password in your Account.