In this day and age any practitioner who is working with others using the system of Reiki requires insurance coverage.

Once you have listed yourself as a Registered Practitioner (Shibumi RP) or Registered Practitioner and Teacher (Shibumi RP&T) you will need to be covered by professional indemnity, products liability and general public liability in Australia.

Shibumi can help provide you with reasonably priced coverage through OAMPS. This is a combined coverage and will cover you for over 200 different modalities.

Check that you are not already covered by a multi-modality insurance if you already have insurance for massage (for example).


For a Shibumi RP or Shibumi RP&T, the cost is from $198/year for 10, 000, 000 public liability and 1, 000, 000 products liability. This price is variable.

If you find that teaching rather than performing treatments is a major part of your business you may be required to gain extra coverage for teaching. You can also request coverage for your students for their additional practical work.

What is Covered

1. Professional Indemnity (Malpractice)
Covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties or damage to their property and financial loss arisiong out of any act, error or omission:
– in the provision of professional advice
– in the provision of professional treatment:and
– in the provision of any other professional service which may be rendered in the course of the business and for which you are properly qualified.
This type of cover may also be known as Professional Indemnity, Errors and Omissions, or Malpractice.
2. Products Liability covers your legal liability to pay compensation for personal injury to third parties or damage to their property, and financial loss arising out of any “product” once they have passed out of the control of the practitioner. A very important aspect of this section for practitioners is that it is not restricted to simply covering goods sold or supplied.
It also provides coverage for liability arising out of products manufactured, grown, extracted, produced, processed, assembled, constructed, erected, installed, repaired, serviced, treated, sold, supplied, resupplied or distributed.
3. General Public Liability covers your general legal liability attaching as a result of carrying on the business. Examples of the type of liability include matters such as:
– defective furniture, such as a table or chair collapsing and causing injury;
– a threadbare carpet causing someone to slip on the stairs; or
– fire damage to leased premises for which the Practitioner may be responsible under the Lease or at Common Law.

There will be NO EXCESS, other than for claims in respect of Property in the Care, Custody or Control of the member (eg. Damage to lease premises)

Get Insured Now

Once you become a member of Shibumi you can request a form from us which will provide you with the details on how to purchase insurance before becoming a Registered Practitioner or Registered Practitioner and Teacher. Insurance forms can be found in your account at Shibumi.